Are you like me

2016-09-09 13:32

You’re probably tired of these programs, so this is one last post, I promise! Well, it’s one last post dedicated to them. I’m sure they will show up in my recaps at some point.

I realized that I never actually showed you what was inside of our programs—that’s totally my bad. You’ve seen the embossed blue and green covers.

Open it up and guests will find a version of the normal passport page, formatted for our wedding. The left side was a free template from Aylee Bits. The right side is similar to most front pages of programs.

Flip the page and there is our order of ceremony. On the bottom of the left side is a note explaining the significance of the steel drums to our family.

Pages 5 & 6 list our wedding party. It would be a big ol’ blur so we’ll move onto pages 7 & 8—our thank you to guests and our parents and in loving memory page. I have to thank the web (and probably a bee, but I can’t remember which one) for the 1st half of the Thank You page, and another thank you to Mrs. Cloud for the words on our Memory page. I found the words so beautiful!

Last but not least, the bride and groom fun facts (which you also saw in the table numbers for our rehearsal dinner, idea thanks to Mrs. Fro Yo) and our address for guests to stay in touch.

What’s that I see? Why yes it’s Mrs,红姐图库红姐统一图库紧急通知. Sewing‘s amazing drawing of us. I told you I was going to try and sneak it into another DIY project!

And that’s it, no more talk of programs from Miss Elephant!

Are you like me, someone who enjoys reading programs while waiting for the ceremony to begin? Have you seen any really interesting program ideas out there?

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